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Frequently Asked

How can LUCANDA drive more direct bookings for me?

We process and analyse tactic data at scale, autonomously allocating budget, optimising creative and evolving campaigns across paid search, social and programmatic channels.

What do you need from me to get started?

You’ll need to have a website that qualifies, as well as a revenue manager. If you don’t have a revenue manager we can help you out.

How do we qualify for us to be accepted to LUCANDA?

By having a website that converts. We’ll come up with a plan to make your website qualify if it doesn’t.

Is LUCANDA part of a group or individually owned?

We proudly fall under the ANCHOVY. PLC group. Our services have been mastered, allowing us to purely set our focus on the hotel niche.

Lucanda is part of the ANCHOVY. PLC Group and is a